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Troubleshooting: Instructions and suggestions to help you solve issues that you may have experenced


  1. BD Discs or BD ISOs hang on start or I don't see the menu. What do I do?
    Install "system storage"

    System storage should be placed on a USB drive or SD card with a minimum size of 2GB. Sizes larger than 2GB do not improve any aspect of the unit.

    These steps will assist you in properly setting up system storage.

    1) Connect a USB drive or insert an SD card into the player
    2) In the sources tab, please highlight the device you inserted, but do click enter to open the device.
    3) Press the "I" button on the remote control.
    4) Select "format disk" (you will lose all data on this disk)
    5) After format has completed, select setup from the remote control "setup" button
    6) Navigate to "miscellaneous" then navigate to "system storage"
    7) Select "initialize system storage"
    8) After this completes, and the player reboots, select "enable flash memory"

    That's it. System storage is enabled.
  2. My network video stutters, how do I check for network problems?
    You need to perform a speed test to ensure your network is up to the task of streaming HD video.

    1) Open the network location you play your media from.
    2) Navigate to, and highlight a large video file (.iso .mkv .m2ts or the like)
    3) While that video is highlighted, press the "I" button on the remote control and select "read test"

    This read test speed will give you a basic idea of how good (or bad)your network performance is. HD content in our tests have shown that a minimum of 8.3 MBps is required. If you do not have at least that level of performance, your network needs attention.
  3. I just turned on my player and I see the Dune Hd logo, but I have no video after that. What do I do?
    1) Turn off the player from the rocker switch in the rear, or remove the power source from the player.
    2) Power the unit back on. Wait until the front display says "ready" If the player has no front display, wait 30 seconds from switch on.
    3) With the remote control pointed at the player, press the "mode" button on the remote control
    4) After pressing the "mode" button press one of the following number buttons on the remote.
    "1" Composite/Component, PAL
    "2" Composite/Component, NTSC
    "3" HDMI, 480i, 60 Hz
    "4" HDMI, 720p, 60 Hz
    "5" HDMI, 1080i, 60 Hz

    This should restore your video mode setting. After you see the video selection screen, press "enter" and you can do final video configurations in the setup menu.
  4. I try to steam from UPNP and cannot access all my files.
    Yes, this is proper behaviour. UPNP is not for streaming all content types. Please use NFS or SMB for streaming network HD content.
  5. I cannot play BluRay disks from my region, what can I do?
    Please contact Dune-HD USA to correct your region setting.
  6. I see the red light on the power button, but my player is not on. Why?
    The red power LED indicates the player is in the "off" or "standy" state. The LED will be off when the player is on.
  7. I cannot browse my network using the network browse feature.
    This is a very difficult problem to address in a trouble shooting section. There are thousands of possible NAS, Servers, and storage arrays on the market. Network browse does work when the permissioning is set correctly on the given device.

    99% of all network sharing issues are permission problems.

    General Dune requirements for network browse:
    1) Accessible share on the network
    2) SMB sharing enabled (Windows default)
    3) Guest account rights given to this share

    Please consult your reseller, or contact us directly for possible assistance with your network.
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