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How To:  Step by step directions to help you get the best performence from your player


  1. How do I update the firmware if I do not have the player connected to the internet?
    This is not very difficult.

    1) On the main page of this website go to:
    Support, then select downloads.
    2) Select the firmware that matches your player model
    3) Download the .zip file to a location on your computer that you can find later. (I used a folder on my desktop called firmware)
    4) Once downloaded open the .zip file on your computer and extract the file to a USB thumb drive
    5) Once completed plug the USB drive into your Dune player using any of the USB ports
    6) When looking at the sources or home screen of the Dune, you will see the USB drive listed below. Open the drive.
    7) Navigate to the file you just extracted. (it will have the extension .dff) Once you have it selected press the "enter" button on the remote control. Follow the onscreen prompts from this point forward.
    NOTE: If you get a warning "system storage is not attached", you can ignore it. Please see the How To section for system storage.
  2. How do I create a shortcut in the favorites tab?
    Quite easy, but system storage must be installed first. If system storage is not installed, please do this first.

    To create a favorite in the "favorites" tab do the following.

    Navigate to the folder or file you would like to add to the "favorites" tab. Press the "pop up menu" button on the remote control. This button is located to the right of the navigation pad. Once the button is pressed you will see the option to "add to favorites". Select "add to favorites" to add this to your "favorites" tab.

  3. How do I install "system storage"
    System storage should be placed on a USB drive or SD card with a minimum size of 2GB. Sizes larger than 2GB do not improve any aspect of the unit.

    These steps will assist you in properly setting up system storage.

    1) Connect a USB drive or insert an SD card into the player
    2) In the sources tab, please highlight the device you inserted, but do click enter to open the device.
    3) Press the "I" button on the remote control.
    4) Select "format disk" (you will lose all data on this disk)
    5) After format has completed, select setup from the remote control "setup" button
    6) Navigate to "miscellaneous" then navigate to "system storage"
    7) Select "initialize system storage"
    8) After this completes, and the player reboots, select "enable flash memory"

    That's it. System storage is enabled.
  4. How do I map a shortcut on the main screen.
    A shortcut can be mapped on the main screen very easily

    1) With the main sources screen selected, press the "pop up menu" button on the remote control
    2) Select "new network folder"
    3) Select your network settings*
    4) Save

    * note: a windows or SMB share is the clear text share name. DO NOT add a path. DO NO add any slashes or mapping commands.

    Example: If the share on your PC or network browse shows "videos" then that is what you put in the "folder" location. NOT /videos or videos/bluray

    A NFS share varies with each network device. Please consult your network device's manufacture for the proper path.
  5. How do I perform a network speed test?
    1) Open the network location you play your media from.
    2) Navigate to, and highlight a large video file (.iso .mkv .m2ts or the like)
    3) While that video is highlighted, press the "I" button on the remote control and select "read test"

    This read test speed will give you a basic idea of how good (or bad)your network performance is. HD content in our tests have shown that a minimum of 8.3 MBps is required. If you do not have at least that level of performance, your network needs attention.
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