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Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to the most commonly asked questions


  1. Can I purchase a Dune media player from Dune HD directly?
    No you cannot. Please consult the dealer locator to find a dealer in your area.
  2. Can Dune HD media players read my files off a locally connected hard drive?
    Yes, they can read files from a locally connected drive.
  3. Do Dune HD media players stream 1080P content from a network location?
    Yes. The Dune HD media players will stream HD video/audio from a local network connection. This is of course dependant on your networks capabilities. Please e-mail Dune HD USA for specific setup questions.
  4. Does Dune provide the drivers for my home automation system?
    Dune has provided Control4 with a driver that is certified to work well with Control4. This is the only automation system Dune has provided a driver for at this time. Please consult with your automation system installer to integrate your Dune HD player into your system.
  5. Are Dune media players capable of being controlled by automation systems?
    Yes, they can be controlled by most automation systems via IP. Drivers are currently available for complete seamless integration with Control4. Other systems many require some custom programming.
  6. Can Dune HD media players playback Bluray ISO files?
    The Max, Duo, and Smart series all playback Bluray iso. They can not only playback Bluray ISO, they will play back in full quality. Menu structure, HD Audio tracks, and BD live functionality is preserved.
  7. Do Dune HD media players playback DTS HD and Dollby TruHD?
    Yes, all HD sound track options are supported on the Max, Duo and Smart series. The TV series units are limited to standard definition audio tracks.
  8. I have heard the term "system storage" Do I need this?
    The use of system storage is always recommended. Please consult the "How To" section on the support tab.
  9. What network storage devices are compatable with Dune HD Media players?
    Almost every network attached device will function. Dune HD media players can stream from a NAS devicer or PC/Server system. Please contact support for specific setup questions.
  10. Does this unit work with US (110) as well as other voltages?
    Yes, The Dune units are built with a switching power supply. You just need the proper power cord for your service.
  11. Is the TV series of players the same as the other Dune media players?
    Yes and No. The functionality of the firmware is exactly the same with the exception of certain file types. If your main media player use is to playback Bluray ISO and BDMV folder structures, then you should be looking at the Max, Duo, or Smart product line.
  12. Does the Dune media player pull cover art for my movie and music titles?
    No it does not at this time. The cover art is assembled using external scraping programs. There are quite a few choices for this, and the list of meta data system providers is growing every day.
  13. Do the Dune media players with a Bluray drive rip content right from the player?
    No. The Dune media players do not assit in any way of ripping content. Content aquiring methods are up the end user. WE DO NOT in any way advocate media piracy. We WILL NOT assist users who want assistance in the downloading of illegal content.
  14. Do all of the Dune media players support Kartina TV?
    Yes, all of the Dune units, including the TV series support Kartina TV. This is not a Dune HD service, please contact Kartina TV directly for all usage questions.
  15. Do the Dune Player support Bluray menu structures?
    Yes and No. The Max, Duo, and Smart series all support the bluray menu format. The TV series does not.
  16. What is the maximum hard drive size useable in the unit?
    This question is a little tougher since the largest format drives are so new. We fully support all commercially available internal hard drives with the latest beta firmware. With that being said, the Smart series case is very small, and Dune HD does not recommend using a fast high capacity drive due to heat generation. You can use a large hard drive, but it is not recommended for full time usage (leaving the player on at all times).
  17. Does the Dune player work with USB connected RAID devices?
    The answer is, it might. We cannot test every device on the market. Contact us, or your reseller, for known functioning devices.
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